haters & suckers

Welp. Things were pretty heavy the last time I was here. Currently, things are less acutely heavy, though I suspect they will remain at this mid-range weight until we get our hands on whatever little person is coming our way. I am trying to not go to the crazy place with this, and instead do things like *trust the process.* What this actually looks like is what A. referred to as being a “drunk hater.” According to her, this is in fact part of the process. Since I trust her, I will also trust that. And the fact that she told me that ovulation test kits are for suckers. SUCKERS.

In other news, I have thoughts brewing on the nature of female friendships, career ambition in your baby making days, and sharpening the tools in your toolbox. I think it’s best that I address these things when I am not in the throes of drunk hating.

You’re welcome.


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