oh, hey.

I have a pretty poor track record with blogging. However, because I mention at least three times a week that I would rather be a blogger than have a real day job (which I do have, by the way), here goes nothing.

I lack a cohesive theme. To the blog, and also probably in general. So probably I will post pictures of clothes. And pictures of animals in casts. And tiny rants and pictures of my cat. And also some things with slightly more content, such as thoughts about being 32 and feeling shocked that maybe I am one of the grown-ups in the room, and how I am a happily newlywedded woman who didn’t think she really wanted to get married, and how I actually have a pretty healthy view of self, but still find the way women talk about their flaws to be (often) deeply hilarious.

I make no promises about the merit of this endeavor. Good thing no one is reading yet.


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